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We can't save the world - BUT we can make a difference.

“At Ecotect, there's much more to sustainable building than simply putting solar panels on your roof, it's all about living in the safest and healthiest home possible – not just for the occupant’s sake but also for the environment.”

Ecotect director Mark Fielding, of Nelson, has been interested in building energy efficient, ecologically sustainable homes since he started business in 1982. But back then, building “green homes” was an unheard of concept. Luckily for Mark, times have changed, with Ecotect now focusing exclusively on designing affordable eco homes.

Mark says there is a growing interest in building ‘eco’ homes, with increasing numbers of people recognising the huge benefits of living in safer, healthier environments. “People are now wanting something that is safer and less toxic, as well as a home that is energy efficient and also locally produced. Building sustainable homes makes very good sense, whichever way you look at it”.

Mark says his work isn’t about architecture, it’s about appropriate home design. He often feels that his is a lone voice trying to marry affordability with sustainability. Aware that all new construction is using some of the planet’s finite resources, he feels a responsibility to not be wasteful with those resources.

“We need to use local materials to keep our own people employed. It makes no sense to me to ship all our raw materials offshore for other countries to make into ‘stuff’ to ship back to us, using up fossil fuels and adding to pollution all along the way at the same time,” Mark says.

Ecotect has received many awards in recent years for its innovative sustainable designs from the: Architectural Designers New Zealand, the Master Builders’ Association and other organisations. See more here »



MARK FIELDING  - Designer and Director

From the Ministry of Works and Development 1974 to 78 in Tauranga, to a stint with Mills Tui Trailers in Rotorua, I finally settled in Nelson in 1980 working for local firms until setting up my own business in 1982 providing a residential design service. A few years later I worked a couple of years for Dukker and West Architects and Engineers in Richmond before starting a new company that ran with up to three staff until 1996 when I joined forces with David Todd Building designers for five years. Since then I have built up my architectural design business again to its present state with a name change to Ecotect Ltd in mid 2008.

Mark Fielding

Ecotect staff and company vehicles are ...bicycles!
(We do have a motor vehicle for site visits out of town though.)

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