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Ecotect's Design Premise:
To provide attractive, comfortably adequate, passive solar/energy efficient, modest budget home designs
using local industry, natural and recycled, sustainable materials.


Ecotect services are now also for clients that may not seek building consent. All Projects will still be completed to building Code standard, completed ready for any Licensed builder to interpret. Fees will be cheaper. Guidance and navigation advice provided.

Eco House Design & Consultancy Services

Price Slash!

Downloadable plans now 10% of listed price.
Full Set construction drawings now NZ$49.99 (were NZ$499.95)
Design Set drawings now NZ$24.99 (were NZ$249.99)

Design Services

    New Home Design
    • Custom Residential Eco-Design
    • Passive Solar Design
    • Sustainable Architecture
    • Earthbuilding – Natural/Recycled Timber - Strawbale
    Renovation Design
    • Energy Efficient Retrofits
    • Eco Home Additions & Alterations
    Solabode® Affordable Homes
    • Standard Modular Plans
    • Modified / Custom Layouts
    Downloadable Plans
    • Popular Ecotect Designs for Download

Consultancy Services

    Energy Efficiency Evaluation
    • Insulation Advice
    • Heating Product Advice
    • Passive Solar Design Advice
    Eco-home Retrofit Advice
    • Natural Material Selection
    • Material Sourcing; Local/Imported
    • Appropriate Design Measures
    Health & Safety Assessment
    • Quality Comfort Advice
    • Material/Component Toxicity
    Regular Free Seminars
    • What is Passive Solar Design
    • What is an 'Eco Home'

People ask me frequently: "how much extra does an 'Eco' house cost over a 'normal' house?", my answer is always "nothing!" - it seems the general impression out there unfortunately, is that an eco house does cost more. Read More...

Ecotect designs utilise intensively studied and tested Passive Solar Design techniques in all projects to provide real energy efficiency, quality comfort and cost effective housing for the benefit of our clients.

All materials are carefully selected to be non toxic and harmful-chemical free. Read More...

Every project incorporates locally sourced building materials and components whenever possible to reduce carbon emissions and dependence on oil while supporting our own industries and workforce - "because it makes good sense!"

Check out our new SYSTEMS pages to see which components and materials Ecotect promotes through our work.

Solabode Affordable Eco Homes

View & Download House Plans

View & Download House Plans


Mark's Comments / Blog

"My initial brief described a desire to build a warm, simple home, incorporating maximum energy efficiency and within a limited budget. Mark felt confident we could achieve all of these goals. I have now lived in my beautiful home for three and half years and have truly enjoyed the warmth and comfort experienced using passive solar design. By incorporating many eco-friendly principles, we have created a very special house, with the added bonus of incredibly low everyday running costs. Who could ask for more?"- Heidi Cooke

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