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Building Materials Energy Systems Plumbing Systems Recycling We work with a great range of suppliers and the materials and services they offer. This section is broken into four major areas: Building Materials, Energy and Plumbing Systems and Recycling. Each section has a sub index at the top of the page.


For extensive further information, check out these excellent New Zealand websites.
Smarter Homes BRANZ - Level
A smart home is warmer, drier, and more comfortable. It has more natural light. It's healthier for you and your family. And it's affordable too. Find Out More Level will help you design and build homes which have less impact on the environment and are healthier, more comfortable, and have lower running costs. Find Out More

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Nelson Architectural Timber

Nelson Architectural Timber

At Nelson Architectural Timber Limited (NAT) we pride ourselves on sourcing and supplying a wide range of quality timbers such as recycled hardwood beams and speciality milled oversized new timbers

NZ Wood

NZ Wood - Douglas Fir

Strength, stability and stiffness are vital requirements of superior construction timber to meet common durability needs. In each of these areas Douglas-fir stands out as a top performer as well as offering natural moisture resistance and treated or un-treated building options.



We do not sell imported rainforest timbers.* We promote and encourage the use of locally grown hardwoods as alternatives and take pride in the milling and selling of them.

Eurocell Wood Products

Eurocell Wood Products Ltd

Eurocell Wood Products modern mill based in Nelson New Zealand focuses solely on producing Douglas Fir untreated and H1.2 timber products used within commercial construction and incorporated in home design in New Zealand and overseas. The product range includes SG6, 8, 10 and 12 grades available in green and kiln-dried untreated framing and wides along with wet and kiln-dried H1.2 treated product.

Gibson Timber (Allwood Products)

Gibson Timber
(Allwood Products)

Independent & locally owned, Gibson Timber is a sawmiller & timber merchant.


ERMA Report on Copper, Chromium and Arsenic (CCA) Treated Timber

In November 2002 ERMA New Zealand established an inter-agency co-ordinating group and commissioned this review of CCA-treated wood to determine whether further action may be required.

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Make Furniture

Make Furniture

Make Furniture is a bespoke furniture workshop set up by Will Slack, specialising in handmade and contemporary furniture, together with complete installation capability for kitchens, shops and a wide range of contemporary joinery.

With a responsible approach to our environment and the world, Make Furniture uses locally grown and sustainable timbers wherever possible.

Decade Furniture Decade Furniture

Phil and Maree Agnew design and produce contemporary, timeless eco friendly furniture and joinery at The Siding Workshop and Showroom at Founders Park.

Adobe (Back to Top)

Solid Earth

Solid Earth

Over the last few decades many beautiful earth homes have been built in western countries. Many people are realizing that it is getting more and more important to develop a sustainable lifestyle in order to avoid a possible ecological crisis. In terms of sustainability, unstabilised earth surpasses any other building material, including timber, owing to its low carbon footprint, its longevity and its unlimited recyclability


Earth Building Association NZ

Promoting the Art and Science of Earth Building in New Zealand.

Mark Fielding

Earth and Chemical-free Timber - Sustainable Buliding Materials

I believe the ‘most’ sustainable building material in New Zealand to be non-cement earth blocks known as Adobe or Mud Brick. I’m sure we will see a massive growth in the use of this natural material which has virtually no environmental ‘down side’.

earth studio

Earth Studio - Rammed Earth

Unlike almost all other rammed earth builders in New Zealand, we don’t use any cement in our walls, and this has numerous advantages. It allows us to create seamless walls which can regulate temperature and humidity properly. The result is a totally sustainable, low energy building element which provides an unmatched living environment that can only be achieved by using totally natural materials.

Strawbale (Back to Top)

Sol Design - Natural Building

Teaching, designing & consulting straw bale building systems.
From conceptual design through to the construction process, we will guide you in creating the straw bale home you always wanted.

Insulation (Back to Top)

Terra Lana

Terra Lana Products Ltd

Woollen home insulation from Terrra Lana is cost effective, safe to use and environmentally friendly home insulation for New Zealand homes. Terra Lana uses sheep’s wool which is a naturally renewable insulation material that does not endanger the health of people and breaks down safely when composted at the end of your house's life.


Goldfoam XPS: Composite Insulation Ltd

Goldfoam is a closed cell rigid insulation board exhibiting a high compressive strength, water proofness and ease of installation.

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MAXRaft® is the only fully insulated concrete slab on the market today. Warm, healthy and energy efficient homes from the foundation up.



Colourcrete Colour Hardener is a pre-mixed, dry-shake, coloured concrete hardener. It is used for colouring and hardening freshly placed concrete which achives a surface that is substantially harder and more wear-resistant than regular concrete. Colourcrete Colour Hardener is a blend of specially selected and graded aggregates, cements, additives and synthetic oxide pigments that produces a brilliant, streak free, wear-resistant surface.

Cladding/Lining (Back to Top)

Southern Pine

Southern Pine Products

Southern Pins is a distributor and manufacturer of high-quality finished timber products including mouldings, skirtings, architraves, flooring, door jambs, square dressed boards, weatherboard, fascia, timber cladding, and MDF mouldings and jambs. Their production process is largely FSC® certified. Their products have been used in the Baden house.


Onduline New Zealand

Onduline, originally developed in Europe more than 60 years ago, is tough, lightweight corrugated roofing and wall cladding made from organic fibres. Designed as a flexible and economical alternative to traditional materials it is ideal for New Zealand and Australian climates.


IPL Plywood: AlpineClad

IPL Plywood: Eliteline

Finishes/Coatings (Back to Top)

Natural House Company

Natural House Company

Natural House Company's finishes are blended using Tung Oil, Tree Resins, Beeswax, Canauba Wax, Essential Oils, Lead Free Dryers, Pure Solvents ... and lots of passion.

The Natural Paint Company

The Natural Paint Company

The Natural Paint Company (fomerly Bio Paints) sells a range of premium quality paints, oils, varnishes and waxes that are safer to use.

We use chalk, china clay, plant oils and tree resins that are healthier for you, your family and your painter. We tell you what ingredients are in each product, we’ll answer your questions as best we can and we’ll be honest with you.

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