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Cooke/Dillon House

Harley Ridge, Mahana

Solabode Mk1 V2 on an exposed Moutere hills site has been occupied now for a few months and is looking great inside and out. The owners report higher than expected costs and so from discussions with them I have reconsidered several aspects of the design to reduce costs further.

The clients have also expressed overheating in the middle of winter which, while this can be moderated with careful ventilation through the high fanlight windows, seems to be a slightly inconvenient side effect of simple direct gain passive solar design. But at least it is better to be too hot than too cold in winter when outside temperatures are around 5 to 10 degrees. A couple of sun screens can be used for when seated at the dining table etc to reduce glare. 

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Solabode Mk1 V2 2BR - Full Set Drawings

Solabode Mk1 V2 2BR, Eco-House Plan

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