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Grigg/Roshier House

WINNER at ITM Wild Tomato Building & Architecture Awards 2010 for "Best Eco Building"

Progress Update: These new pictures taken 28th March 2010 show the house complete (but still to be fully furnished). My visit and overnight stay that weekend found the Solabode performing very well indeed although the weather is still very mild. The interior temperature upon arrival at 5:30pm was 32.2 degrees after being unattended for a week or so. Opening fanlight windows and the back door allowed the excess warm air to dissipate and regulate temperatures to a comfortable warm 25 degrees with outside temperatures dropping as evening approached.

Fanlight windows were closed at 10:30pm with indoor temps still at 25 degrees and the exposed concrete floor still radiating heat under foot. Next morning was cloudy and by 10:30 am internal temperatures had dropped to 23.5 degrees while outside was a cool 12 degrees or less - with no heater and no curtains yet fitted.

Autumn is a difficult time of year to control over heating with low angle sunshine and warm temperatures, even so the cool nights still make you glad of the warmth and comfort of passive solar heating, not to mention the zero heating bill. I am looking forward to the true test in three months time at the end of June when the performance is most critical.

Owner Alex Grigg is seen using Pure Tung Oil to seal the coloured concrete floor, this natural non toxic product has no detectable odor and seals the concrete floor by penetrating in. It produces a low sheen rich finish when dry. Just 10 litres will cover the 113m2 in two coats and costs just $185 plus labour to apply which anyone can do easily by following the instructions. - Mark Fielding

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Solabode Mk1 V1 2BR - Full Set Drawings

The original 2BR Solabode with internal solid adobe walls. An Award winning affordable eco home.

Solabode Mk1 V1 2BR Eco House Plan

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