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Building Materials Energy Systems Plumbing Systems Recycling We work with a great range of suppliers and the materials and services they offer. This section is broken into four major areas: Building Materials, Energy and Plumbing Systems and Recycling. Each section has a sub index at the top of the page.


Passive Solar Design
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Designing Comfortable Homes

Designing Comfortable Homes Website

The first edition of Designing Comfortable Homes was published in 2001 and quickly became recognised as an invaluable plain English guide for anyone interested in designing comfortable energy efficient homes. As well as providing general guidance on solar design considerations that are important to enhance energy efficiency and comfort, the book also provided data on expected performance of homes based on three different combinations of glass, mass and insulation.


EECA Passive Solar Fact Sheet

Passive solar construction is a very attractive design philosophy as not only does it save energy, but it also reduces dampness and condensation, improves sound insulation, increases the durability of building materials and makes the home healthier. Passive solar construction uses the sun to warm the house. Heat is absorbed into the building and slowly released back into the house as it cools. Solar heating can be the sole source of warmth or can be supplemented by other sources. Consequently passive solar design has the potential to reduce New Zealand’s greenhouse gas emissions.

Mark Fielding

What is Passive Solar Design? - Mark Fielding, 2008

ALL houses have some degree of passive solar heating…

Firstly, nearly ALL houses have some degree of passive solar heating, just the way your car does when you leave it in the sun…

It’s called the Greenhouse effect and it’s to do with light waves and heat waves being just different frequencies of the same energy. Light comes through glass (and back out) but heat waves do not.

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Harnessing solar energy from our greatest power source, the sun, makes sense both environmentally and economically. A Thermocell solar hot water system will reduce yearly costs by up to 75%. Many customers rely solely on their solar panels for hot water most of the year.

Thermocell began to manufacture solar hot water panels in New Zealand over 25 years ago. Thermocell is the most experienced and respected solar energy company in New Zealand.

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Light Energy

Light Energy

Light Energy design and build robust standalone and grid tie energy system that will stand the test of time. We go out of our way to ensure you have the power you need, while ensuring it can be up graded if you situation changes. We live off grid in Canterbury and our Christchurch office has a Light Energy Grid Tie System installed, so we have first had experience living with solar!

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Weka Electronics

Weka Electronics

Weka Electronics manufactures a range of alternative energy products in New Zealand including some pretty neat LED lighting products.

The lights are top of the range, designed to provide the very best performance available while being attractively styled and built to last.


Marexim Lighting Solutions

Marexim is at the forefront of the latest Global Lighting, Electrical and Renewable Energy Generation Technology that provides Environmentally Sustainable Solutions to Governments, SOEs, Corporations, Organisations, Institutions, Business and Households.

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Pyroclassic Log Fire

The PYROCLASSIC free standing woodburner (consumer magazine’s top pick for woodburners July 2006).

The PYROCLASSIC burns economically and safely, storing it's heat and releasing it steadily over a period of time, therefore using less wood.

When a power failure occurs, you can still heat your house, cook your meal and heat your water.

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