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Ecroyd House

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This new passive solar dwelling built in Chelsea Avenue Richmond, features a double wing design which was a response to the narrow north facing site. The front wing houses main living, dining and kitchen with a private study separated by an Adobe thermal mass wall with air vents above it to enable solar warmed air to circulate. The Rear wing houses three bedrooms with laundry and service rooms at the back. Note that the separation between the wings allows for low angle winter sunshine to avoid being blocked by the roof of the front wing, this allows full solar gain admittance to the bedrooms thus providing passive solar heating to those rooms too. All floors are exposed coloured concrete slab divided with grouted sawcuts into 1m squares. This includes the floor over the Garage which is supported on Nelson's own Potius LVL structural floor panels. Exterior walls are Literock plaster and clay brick veneer, all wall and roof framing is Dougal fir and foundations and retaining walls are made of concrete filled insulating polyblock. All insulation is Latitude 100% wool apart from polystyrene under the concret slab.

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