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Building with Pallets - Pozie Eco-cabin
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The POZIE is an eco-cabin built from 90% recycled waste material.

Since Spring 2007 I have realised my mission was the quest for AFFORDABLE AND SUSTAINABLE HOUSING.
The Pozie concept takes all the lessons learned from the Solabode journey and adds a new major difference; It is made of up to 90% recycled waste materials in an attempt to reduce costs and significantly lower its carbon footprint.


Summer 2017; Our Pozie now resting next to the Wakamarina river near Canvastown, Marlborough NZ. Just completed additions and systems now make this cabin fully self-contained and off grid; kind of like a mini Solabode solution. The building additions were made by prefabricating the wall panels from 45x45 douglas fir timber at home, then erecting on site. We have a wee kitchen with 3 way fridge, 1 burner gas hob and sink with running water. Also a bathroom with composting toilet with urine separator and wash basin. A small utility room houses a water filter and UV steriliser lamp, 700w inverter and 12v deep cycle battery fed from a 250w solar panel on the roof (the cabin is already wired for 240v). Six gherkin barrels from MacDonalds store 1200ltrs of rainwater to feed the taps and also a future outdoor bath. Another plastic bath filled with river rocks and planted with reeds provides a horizontal flow, sub-surface wetland greywater system and a Macrocarpa deck connects all the rooms with the main cabin.


Pozie in its former location at Cable Bay; new deck to be added soon.

Pozie Cabin in Cable Bay

Pozie Cabin Interior

  • The Pozie floor, walls and roof panels are prefabricated for delivery to site on a standard trailer.
  • Ideal as a sleep-out, home office or accommodation unit, fully insulated and double glazed.
  • Under 10 sq.m. so does not need a building consent (conditions apply).
  • The Pozie is wired for 240v power and has an optional 12v solar lighting system.


SHAC Award Winner

The Sustainable Habitat Challenge - a network of people designing and building more sustainable buildings and neighbourhoods. Affordable, delightful housing, micro architecture, prefabricated housing, and more...The SHAC aim is efficient, affordable, adaptable, durable, simple, healthy, and delightful buildings and neighbourhoods with focus on regenerative communities.

Let's work on this together and pass on our skills to young people. SHAC helps us collaborative, involve and pass along skills to young people, and publish our designs and techniques. Together we are building our future. Join in!

See the presentations from our recent Symposium on Micro-Architecture and Simple Building

A CALL TO ALL BRAVE INVESTORS! (or perhaps potential client's)
Would you like to see viable and desirable housing solutions developed that might help lots of people attain home ownership with considerably reduced debt? Would you care to help me develop these solutions using recycled waste materials assembled in responsible and innovative ways that not only save money but also drastically reduce pressures on planetary eco systems (which our mainstream building industry still exerts)? I have tested these methods with great success as you can see. So if this piques your interest please contact me to discuss how we may work together towards fulfilling such a goal. Thank you.  Mark Fielding

SHAC Trophy

Photo of SHAC award for Practical Innovation awarded to Mark Fielding for 'Building homes using pallet frames, and other recycled waste materials in an effort towards marrying ecologically sustainability with affordability.'

The Pozie has been entered into the Tasman Nelson Environmental Awards. Read more here...

Pozie Ad

Pozie Under Construction

Mark Fielding enjoys the view from the first Pozie under construction.

Pozie at EcoFest

Weatherboard panel on east side is made from rainforest timber pallet boards on a table saw. All exterior stain finish on wood is natural oil stain from the natural House Company in Motueka.

The Pozie and other pallet building solutions shown on this site are all
examples of what is possible to build from pallets and recycled materials.

Contact for assistance with your pallet project.

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