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Building Materials Energy Systems Plumbing Systems Recycling We work with a great range of suppliers and the materials and services they offer. This section is broken into four major areas: Building Materials, Energy and Plumbing Systems and Recycling. Each section has a sub index at the top of the page.


Composting Toilets
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We manufacture aesthetically pleasing compact composting toilets that can be used in  baches, cottages, campervans (movans), boats, and caravans as well as most remote applications. 

The Kiwi Bog is built to comply with New Zealand and Australia standard AS/NZS 1546.2:2001 which is a joint standard for waterless composting toilets.



There is no composting toilet  system that requires as little input from the user as the flush toilet, where you simply push the button and the contents are washed away to some other place for someone else to deal with. All composting toilets require at least some attention from the user  at some point - this usually amounts to the addition of suitable bulking or cover material during use  and periodic emptying of the collection chamber.

Kakapo composting toilets have been designed to make these tasks as simple as possible and anyone who can turn a handle and occasionally empty a bucket will have no problem operating one. 

Humanure Handbook:
Excellent handbook is available here on this topic

The more research I did on this topic, the more I realized there was precious little information about safe humanure recycling available in print. It's no wonder people react with fear and loathing when confronted with the concept. Although bits and pieces of information were available, they were scattered about in hard-to-find, obscure references such as research papers or foreign publications. Where there is ignorance, there is misunderstanding, so I compiled this information and wrote this book to try to shed a small ray of light into what is otherwise a big black hole of ignorance. - Joeseph Jenkins, Author

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Naturalflow Wastewater Treatment Systems

Naturalflow wastewater treatment systems offer a natural approach to the treatment of wastewater.

The Naturalflow system uses a living ecosystem of decomposer organisms (compost worms, bugs, beetles etc) as an aerobic treatment to breakdown household solid waste (toilet, kitchen scraps, paper, grease etc). This solid waste is converted into humus, while the liquid waste is passed through a series of filtering mediums before being dispersed into a planted field.

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UV Water Systems

UV Water Systems Ltd

New Zealand customers have identified UV Water Systems Ltd's products as being one of the highest quality available, very reliable and great value for money. Growing demand has driven the need for a separate Sales, Marketing and Distribution channel for NZ and the Pacific Islands. UV Water Systems Ltd has a nationwide sales and service network to ensure excellent after sales service and quality installations. The manufacturer is enlarging their production facilities in Tauranga, as they are increasing development of new products for NZ, Australia, Europe and the USA. 

Greywater Recycling (Back to Top)

The "old school" of wastewater treatment, still embraced by most government regulators and many academics, considers water to be a vehicle for the routine transfer of waste from one place to another. It also considers the accompanying organic material to be of little or no value. The "new school," on the other hand, sees water as a dwindling, precious resource that should not be polluted with waste; organic materials are seen as resources that should be constructively recycled. - The Humanure Handbook



The ECOplus is designed to save water and prevent overloading of septic tank leach fields by recycling selected greywater back through the toilet system. Only greywater from the shower, bath and washing machine is used.

This saves flushing good clean water down the toilet, resulting in considerable water savings. It also reduces the amount of water in the septic tank and reduces surges of water into the tank which can wash partially treated efluent into the leach field, compromising its performance. Reduced hydraulic loading and mixing of layers in the septic tank results in better performance and can miraculously improve a smelly, boggy leach field.

The system produces two secondary advantages:

  1. Excess filtered greywater produced by the system can be used to water the garden, instead of being disposed of to the gully trap.
  2. Where low water pressure is present the shower will not lose the majority of its cold or hot water when the toilet is flushed.


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